Terms of service

The exchange is a 100% safe and secure process.

The working hours is between 7:30 am to 9:00 pm everyday. During working hours the processing time is maximum 6hrs.

The exchange agency will not be responsible for the amount debited by your bank for tax and other services. You should pay the amount you wish to exchange including the tax your bank may hold.

We are not responsible for any losses caused due to any misuse of the agency by yourself.

arraexchanger.in is the only branch and we have no other websites. We sell on these website only. Beware of other fraudulent and scammer websites on our names. We do not take responsibility on your loss of amount using similar sites which may use similar names with different domains such as (.com . edu .org etc)

If you face any problems while exchange you may contact the support team via whatsapp or email given below

Whatsapp no : +918838359714

Email : arraexchanger@gmail.com